For over 30 years, working with The Winter Laboratory has been like no other lab you have worked with before. We are committed to providing outstanding customer service, superior quality and craftmanship, and fast turnaround times.

The Winter Laboratory engages in an unprecedented collaborative experience and create nothing but the best results for your patients. All our technicians aim to provide you and your patients with the best fit, form and function on every case.

The Winter Laboratory is the first choice for dental professionals who perform a full mount restoration by using the Spear’s technique. Using only the highest quality materials, our master technicians will deliver results that will exceed your expectations. 

Dr. N.G
Dr. N.G
Fort Worth, Texas
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“The quality of the lab work is absolutely second-to-none. My Team and I just know that if the lab work goes in perfectly, needs minimal adjustments, the shade and translucency is spot on... it MUST be the Winter Laboratory!”