The Winter Laboratory Case Files

Original Series Restorations-Case Summation

Patient Complaint: Diastema between Centrals & Wanted Improved Esthetics

Before and After using The Winter laboratory Original Series e.max crowns
Before and After using The Winter Laboratory Original Series e.max crowns

The patient’s chief complaint was the 1.5mm diastema between her two centrals. The main goals of treatment were to close the diastema, rebalance and redistribute symmetrical teeth proportions. Her old smile was unevenly shaped, monochromatic, with little to no translucency. 

Product: Full Contour Crowns

This case started with a diagnostic wax up by preparing the pre-operative cast for full contour crowns on #6-11. Full contour crowns were waxed per the doctor’s clinical prescription and photography. The clinician then utilized our diagnostic wax up to make provisionals, which allowed the patient to test shape, size, esthetics, and function. A “Go By” model of her final approved provisionals was sent to the laboratory as a guide for the final restorations. 

Materials Prescribed: IPS e.max

Winter Laboratory Original Series layered e.max restorations were prescribed, waxed, and pressed to full contour using the ingot LTBL3 to achieve a final desired shade of VITA 0M3. Next, the facial surface and incisal edge were cut back and layered with a feldspathic ceramic to give more vitality and shade characterization. This also helps the crowns to match the patient’s adjacent natural teeth.

Results: Happy Patient

Finally, the crowns were shipped to the doctor, who reported both he and the patient were delighted with the outcome.